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On Muttley's suggestion, we should have a vote on whether we should keep the Japanese NavBar in the UnTunes page. (翻訳:「Muttley氏の提案により、UnTunesのNavBarの日本語化についての投票を行います)

Score: +1
  • Nomination & For An english bar is likely to confuse japanese native people. --NXWave 2007年12月29日 (日) 20:13 (JST)
Score: -1
  • Objection & For English NavBar is cool more than Japanese one, and most Japanese can read and undeastand it.-- by CatofsignatureofMuttley.jpg Muttley /Talk/ Mail 2007年12月29日 (日) 20:30 (JST)


The vote after this goes in Forum:UnTuneメインページの装丁について.